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Where your clean space is our passionate chase. You can count on us to make your place into a pristine, rejuvenated, and welcoming environment.

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About Lorenz Max Cleaning Company

Welcome to Lorenz Max Cleaning, your dependable partner for keeping homes and workplaces tidy and safe. We are committed to satisfying the particular needs of each client we serve and offer a variety of services, from basic tidying to detailed cleaning.
Lorenz Max Cleaning, based in the lovely city of Lancaster, Pennsylvania, adds three years of experience and knowledge to every project we take on. We are proud of our comprehensive strategy, which combines dependability, trustworthiness, and first-rate service to produce outstanding outcomes.

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Lorenz Max Cleaning presents extensive knowledge and competence to every job thanks to its years of experience in the cleaning sector. Our staff has faced a wide range of cleaning difficulties and has come up with efficient solutions to deal with them. You can rely on our expertise to produce excellent results.


We think that lifelong learning and development are powerful. Our cleaning specialists go through intensive training programmes to improve their abilities and stay current with market trends. We make sure that our team has the skills and knowledge required to deliver outstanding service by investing in training.

Technique and Strategy Expertise

Cleaning is both an art and a science, and our crew is experts in both fields. To properly handle various cleaning requirements, we use a number of tried-and-true procedures and approaches. We have the know-how to do the job well, whether it’s removing stubborn stains, disinfecting surfaces, or bringing back the lustre to your flooring.

Specialised Materials for Various Surfaces

We are aware that each surface needs a different level of maintenance. We use specialised cleaning products and solutions since they are safe and efficient for a variety of surfaces. We have the proper products and know-how to achieve a thorough and delicate clean, whether it’s on delicate upholstery, hardwood floors, or granite countertops.

Equipment to Solve All Kinds of Dirt

We have made investments in cutting-edge machinery and products that let us take on even the toughest dirt and grime. We have the tools to complete every cleaning assignment with outstanding results, from powerful vacuums and steam cleaners to efficient scrubbing machines.

The Best Technology for More Reliable and Safer Solutions

We use advanced equipment at Lorenz Max Cleaning to deliver safer and more reliable solutions. We put your safety and wellbeing first, using innovative sanitization methods and environmentally friendly cleaning products. Our dedication to utilising the most up-to-date technology guarantees that we produce excellent cleaning outcomes while upholding a healthy and hygienic atmosphere.




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What Our Client’s Saying

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"I'm absolutely thrilled with the cleaning services provided by LORENZ MAX CLEANING COMPANY. Their team's attention to detail is truly commendable. My home has never looked this pristine and refreshed. From the sparkling floors to the immaculate countertops, every corner was thoroughly cleaned. Highly recommended!"
Zenith Paul
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"I can't thank LORENZ MAX CLEANING COMPANY enough for their exceptional service. The microwave and stovetop were in dire need of cleaning, and their team worked wonders. They were punctual, friendly, and left my kitchen looking brand new. If you're looking for reliable and thorough cleaning services, look no further."
Alina Parker
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"Impressed is an understatement! LORENZ MAX CLEANING COMPANY transformed my home with their cleaning expertise. The floors have never been this clean, and the stovetop burners are free from even the toughest stains. I appreciate the professionalism and care their team displayed. I'll definitely be a repeat customer!"

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